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cut-out sugar cookies with a simple glaze and candy cane sprinkles

  My cookie exchange food blogger group continues to inspire my baking.  The week after our potluck cookie exchange party is always the kick off of my Christmas ­čÄä cookie baking season.  I've had this excellent cut-out sugar cookie recipe from my friend Gina from one of our first get togethers and now it's time to share it.  We made sugar cookies to decorate for Valentines day with a small group at my house about ten years ago.  I was just checking our the pictures and I think we did a pretty impressive job on our homemade cookies.  My friend Lisa gifted us all a snowflake cookie cutter which I happily used to make my cut-out sugar cookies.  My daughter Katie gave me a small bag of candy cane Christmas sprinkles from Etsy and it was just time to put all of these wonderful things together to create a new blog post as I have fallen way behind on my usual posting.  I started this blog to share my recipes with friends and family during covid, which since vaccines isn't as scary