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sunny black fig tart with a meyer lemon glaze and armagnac drizzle

 First ripe black figs are sliced and artfully arranged in an unbaked buttery tart shell.  They are brushed with a Meyer lemon glaze, sprinkled with Armagnac and baked in a hot oven for about 45 minutes.  I like to serve slices of fig tart with spoonfuls of crème fraîche, creating a simply luscious dessert for the fig lovers in my life.  I say, the more figs the merrier however the amount of figs and their arrangement is up to you.  Because I find it easier to roll out- my favorite tart dough is made using an egg whisked together with a teaspoon of ice water.  The tart shell doesn't need to be pre-baked and works very well with this quite saucy fig filling.  I also brush a small amount of the lemon glaze on the tart shell bottom before I arrange my fig slices, just to seal it up a bit.  Try to stick with a tablespoon of Armagnac sprinkled over the figs before baking as not to add too much additional liquid.  The abundant hot bubbling fig slices, lemon glaze and armagnac filling wil
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tomato plum gazpacho

 Our intense, way too long heatwave seems to be winding down, finally.  Here is a recipe for cold soup for dinner for our way too hot-Bay Area's September heatwave of 2022, or one in the future.  I always thought September and October were too hot, but now...the word dread comes to mind.  So, I made this cooling gazpacho one night during the worst of the heatwave, like 112F during the day and over a 100F at dinnertime.  It wouldn't surprise me if we still have another heatwave before the rainy season which used to start in midway into October, now I'm dating myself, and we had snow in the Sierra in November. I am loving the addition of plums to my soup, instead of the usual cucumbers that are chunked up and blended with the tomatoes.  The plums came from the farmers market and were innocently sitting in a bowl, minding their own business, next to the tomatoes on my counter, when the idea to add them to the tomatoes in the soup came to me.  Plums add a sweet note to the soup

greek style green bean salad

 We had a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes this summer.  I was only going to buy one cherry tomato plant but ended up with four different varieties, tomato plant retail therapy-I guess.  They all produced pretty well but two were outstanding, A+.  The little yellow and red round cherry tomatoes ended up in just about everything I put on the table this summer.  The exotic bright orange and yellow pear tomatoes were good but not big producers but I'm okay with that as the other two plants picked up the slack. Yesterday I made another salad recipe featuring-guess what!  I love Greek salads and this salad has just about everything except the salty black olives but they could easily be added.  I'm really into this block feta cheese cut in slices placed over the salad, then you can kind of 'do your own thing' with the feta as you eat your way through this delicious summery green bean salad.   Greek Style Green Bean Salad Serves 4, generously 1 pound fresh green beans, ends trim

plum upside-down cornmeal cake

  Crimson red and golden slices of ripe plums adorn the hidden top of a slightly crunchy cornmeal cake in this recipe, all you have to do is wait until the cake cools before removing it from the pan and flipping it over to reveal the colorful display.  My husband loved this cake after dinner and for breakfast, that's all I needed to know before sharing this recipe with you.  The medium small purple plums came from our local farmers market, they ripened in a bowl on my counter just in time to top this not overly sweet wonderful crunchy cake. Ingredients and Recipe for Plum Upside-Down Cornmeal Cake Serves 8 Preheat the oven to 350F Spray an 8" Springform cake pan 8 medium small purple plums Cinnamon sugar *for sprinkling (about 1-2 tablespoons) divided * cinnamon sugar made with granulated sugar sprinkled with cinnamon to taste Prepare the Fruit Wash and slice the plums, removing the pits. Sprinkle the sprayed pan with cinnamon sugar and arrange the plum slices in the pan. Spri

tarte au citron / lemon tart recipe from les petits farcis cooking school in nice

  Look 👀 I saved you a slice of this wonderful lemon tart.  I love this recipe, both for the bright sweet/tart flavor in the simple lemon curd filling made with extra virgin olive oil as well as the tender cookie-like press in tart crust, also made using olive oil.  Just what we need on one of our warm summer days, a slice of homemade lemon tart served chilled from the refrigerator.  I served my tart with a spoonful of crème fraîche on top but whipped cream would also work well.  I also used Meyer lemons 🍋  for the lemon curd filling, which is always a nice option for lemon curd.  I strain my lemon curd which adds an extra step but handily removes any pieces of cooked egg whites to ensure a silky smooth lemon tart filling. Tarte au citron is back in my dessert rotation thanks to this simple straightforward recipe from Rosa Jackson at Les Petits Farcis cooking school in Nice.  I was fortunate to attend a day long cooking school experience while in France for a wedding in July. Ingredi

greek style tomato rice

 We have bowls of tomatoes from our garden staged on the kitchen counter- waiting to be eaten or shared, either way-all good.  I've been on the lookout for new to me recipes using my tomatoes and this one for Greek style tomato rice is a five star ⭐️ winner.  I made a few adaptions to the original I found in a magazine that I have been hanging onto for way too long.  The rice will be fairly soupy, not like my photo which was taken the day after I served the recipe but I wanted to share because-so good.  And the day after greek stye tomato rice is still exceptional and would make a nice starter or first course before dinner.  The feta cheese on top is bomb 💣 and I loved using Ouzo instead of wine for the rice.  I used chopped early girl tomatoes, fresh oregano, shallots, Ouzo, Arborio rice, tomato paste, lemon juice, olive oil and butter in my tomato rice.  Check out my recipe. Ingredients and Recipe for Greek Style Tomato Rice Serves 3-4 2-3 tablespoons extra virgin olive   oil 1-

les petits farcis de tarragon and chives

 Les petits farcis are a classic dish seen throughout the French Riviera. I particularly like the small zucchini balls stuffed with meat, tomatoes and vegetables so after doing a sampling of petits farcis on our trip to France to attend a lovely friend's wedding in Antibes I decided to recreate these savory zucchini balls in my own kitchen.  Lucky me, I found the petite zucchini balls at our local farmers market. I used house made spicy Italian chicken sausage for the meat, chopped tomatoes, yellow onions, chopped zucchini, toasted bread crumbs, garlic, Parmesan cheese, chopped parsley and extra virgin Olive oil for my filling. I perused recipes online for information and inspiration.  Et voila! my petits farcis were created, served for dinner with a green salad and immensely enjoyed, following is my recipe. Ingredients and Recipe for Les Petits Farcis de Tarragon and Chives Makes 6 petite zucchini balls 6 zucchini balls 1 small yellow onion diced 1 galic clove, minced 2 house made