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moroccan pickled beets with leafy greens, fresh dill and walnuts

 Do I see light at the end of the tunnel?  Yes!  We are still wearing masks, being careful and socially distancing at the grocery store, but we have both been fully vaccinated.  Days spent pickling beets alone in my kitchen may soon be a thing of the past as I spread my post covid wings towards that light at the end of the tunnel.  Farmers market here I come looking for more veggies ūüĆ∂ to pickle.  I'm feeling the love and joy from pickling and today I'm sharing a new favorite recipe for moroccan style pickled beets.  First I steam the beets, about 2 generous bunches, until tender, peel and then dice them into small pieces.  I bathe my small beet cubes in a delicious pickling solution of Balsamic vinegar laced with minced garlic and toasted cumin seeds.  I love serving my pickled beets in a fresh salad of leafy greens with fresh dill and chopped walnuts, absolutely delicious. Ingredients and Recipe for Moroccan Pickled Beets with Leafy Greens, Fresh Dill and Walnuts Makes about

asparagus leek soup with a drizzle of meyer lemon juice, fresh herbs and edible flowers

  Hello spring turns to summer with a bowl of asparagus leek soup, a drizzle of Meyer lemon juice, fresh herbs and edible flowers.  This is an easy delicious creamy soup to make and becomes barely a kitchen project with the addition of Meyer lemon juice, fresh herbs and edible flowers for decoration.  I happen to be a lucky person who has a Meyer lemon tree potted up in my backyard.  These are my lemons and I cherish each one I pick off the tree, making a special effort to put them to good use in my kitchen.  I love to make everything from lemon curd or lemon pie or lemon squares to just using lemon slices in my water or tea.  I also have two mandarin orange trees in pots; they don't take up much space and make a fantastic fruit snack, a reward after a good outdoor walk.  My asparagus leek soup is fragrant and creamy without using any cream.  I use vegetable stock, a bunch of skinny asparagus, one medium leek, unsalted butter, olive oil, sea salt and white pepper, plus the lemon ju