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What to make for dinner if you're over sixty: orecchiette with cherry tomatoes, arugula and sweet basil

  What to make for dinner if you're over sixty; something really delicious, fresh and simple, like pasta with fresh tomatoes and a handful of arugula.  The sweet basil is a nice addition, just a few leaves on top with the freshly grated Parmesan.  I also like a drizzle of hot chili infused extra virgin olive oil over my pasta, but feel free to drizzle extra virgin olive oil without the extra kick from hot chili. I like leftovers for lunch so I tend to make extra, just like the time I went to the nursery to buy a tomato plant and came home with six tomato plants.  Now, I'm reaping the rewards with a daily tomato harvest a few steps from my back door.  I went big into the cherry tomatoes so it's a good thing we love them. I've noticed there is a ripeness window when it comes to picking the tomatoes off the vine, if you let them get overly ripe they squish in your hands and the skins get a little tough.  I like to make some version of pasta with tomatoes fairly often espec